We demanded promotion of all educationally qualified (including matriculate)MTS to LDC as a one time measure & the case is learnt to be sent to the DoPT by the Ministry for relaxation. Please ask all MTS to join the Association. Please also send Annexure A & B immediately- General Secretary

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Restructuring of the posts of Administrative staff and Official language staff are under progress. Request for Restructuring of LDC & UDC will be put up after completion of the present one.Association is on constant touch with concerned authorities on the issue- General Secretary

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Central Government employees have been eagerly awaiting the first budget of the new Government.  In spite of one day strike and two days strike, the UPA Government was not ready to concede the genuine and justified demands of the Central Government Employees. Naturally, employees expected some good news from the maiden budget of NDA Government. But the budget has cast shadow on their expectations. Not only the Central Government employees but the common people and the working class are also totally disappointed.

The Union budget 2014-15, is an exercise in piloting large scale FDI & PPP mode in the financial and policy governance of the country. If followed the same policy of trajectory deregulation, privatization and corporate-orientation so long followed by its predecessor, the UPA Government, which has been rejected by the people in election.

While engineering a drastic cut in expenditure on almost all heads impacting common people aimed at containing fiscal deficit, the budget remained reluctant in taking any action in arresting organised pilferage from public exchequer in the form of deliberate tax default by big corporate houses which reached a huge sum of Rs. 4.18 lakh crores on account of Corporate tax Income tax by the end of      2012 -13

Added to this, the decision to constitute the Expenditure Management Commission to look into basically the subsidies for common people aiming at further deduction in the same .Budget has already proposed a cut in subsidy on petroleum to the tune of Rs. 22054 crore which would have a cascading effect on prices of all goods. Further the budget announced total decontrol of diesel pricing before the end of the current financial year adding further to the woes of the common people. The budget reduced the direct tax leading to a revenue loss of Rs. 22200 crore while increasing the indirect tax burden to the tune of Rs. 7525 crore.

The Budget announced raising of FDI cap in defence and insurance sector from existing 26% to 49% much to the detriment of the interests of national economy. The target for revenue from public sector Undertakings (PSU) disinvestment has been set at a huge amount of Rs. 63000 crore and the Finance Minister has announced that instead of earning dividend from PSUs. Number of measures have been incorporated in the Budget to actually weaken the public sector Banks making them easy prey of privatization policy of the Government.

On a whole, the first budget of the NDA Government has basically turned out to be grossly anti-people in character promoting more aggressive loot by the corporate and big-business houses on the mass of the people and working class.

Government rejects the Demand for regularization of Gramin Dak Sewaks - says they are not Government employee.

ANSWERED ON 14.07.2014
Will the Minister of COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY be pleased to state:-


(c) the corrective steps taken/being taken by the Government in this regard?


(a) No, Madam, They are not eligible.

(b) Gramin Dak Sevaks are not regular govt. employees. They are part time workers and are governed by a separate set of Conduct and Engagement Rules. They do not form part of theregular civil service. They are engaged for only 3-5 hours daily work. It is mandatory for them to have an independent source of livelihood before being engaged as Gramin Dak Sewak. Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of Union of India and Others vs. Kameshwar Prasad 1998 SCC (L&S) page 447 held that P&T Extra Departmental Agent (C&S) Rules, 1964 are a complete code governing service, conduct and disciplinary proceedings against Extra Departmental Agents [now called Gramin Dak Sevaks]. On discharge from service on attaining the age of 65 years or on death, Gramin Dak Sevaks [GDS] are paid Ex-Gratia Gratuity and Severance Amount as approved for them by the Cabinet.

The Ex-gratia Gratuity is paid at the rate of half months basic Time Related Continuity Allowance [TRCA] drawn immediately before discharge of service for each completed year of service subject to a maximum of Rs. 60000 or 16.5 months basic TRCA last drawn whichever is less. The minimum service prescribed for this is 10 yearsIn addition, Severance Amount is paid at the rate of Rs. 1500 for every completed year of service subject to a maximum of Rs. 60000. The Government has already introduced Service Discharge Benefit Scheme in lieu of severance amount scheme effective from 01.04.2011 for the benefit of Gramin Dak Sevaks on the basis of the New Pension Scheme (NPS), specifically NPS Lite Scheme launched by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). Under this scheme, the Government as well as Gramin Dak Sevaks concerned now contributes @ Rs. 200/- per month.

(c) Does not arise in view of reply to (b) above
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